Facebook and Instagram remove almost 3 million IP infringing posts in the first half of 2017

Facebook, Inc. announced this week that it took down nearly three million posts (such as advertisements, videos and various other types of content) from its Facebook and Instagram platforms in the first half of 2017 alone. The removals followed complaints lodged by proprietors that their intellectual property rights were been violated through copyright infringement, trade mark infringement and counterfeiting.

A breakdown of the number of infringing posts that were deleted by the company is contained in its “Transparency Report” and provides the following figures:

Posts removed from Facebook:

  •  Copyright infringement related posts: 1,818,794
  • Trade mark infringement related posts: 110,977
  • Counterfeit related posts: 217,265

Posts removed from Instagram:

  • Copyright infringement related posts: 685,996
  • Trade mark infringement related posts: 37,478
  • Counterfeit related posts: 108,094

The company provides a number of useful online tools to make it easier for owners of intellectual property to enforce their rights, such as the “Commerce & Ads IP Tool”. This tool enables rights holders to conduct searches of posts and advertisements Facebook and Instagram for any instances of their registered trade mark being wrongfully used and report any infringing material to the company.
The company also provides a tool called “Rights Manager” which identifies videos on Facebook that match IP owners’ copyrighted material. Proprietors can choose to leave the video up and earn a portion of the advertising revenue from it or they can simply block the infringing video.

The social media giant states that by publishing the report it “reinforces our important commitment to transparency.
Adam Flynn, European Trade Mark Attorney