Protecting Your Domain Name.

Protecting Your Domain Name

Since the rise of the internet, the globalisation of the market for goods and services has become a reality. As nearly all individuals and companies are now availing of the opportunity to sell their goods and services online, it is even more important to ensure that you protect your domain name. You can do this by registering your Trade Mark.

The growth of e-commerce has given rise to a significant problem with regard to cyber-squatting.

Essentially this involves the registration of a domain name by an individual or company who has no moral or legal claim to the domain name in question. Whilst the individual or company who has a claim to ownership of the domain name has now some recourse to recover its domain name, clearly obtaining a domain name registration in the first instance is a more sensible approach.

A domain name is of course not a legal right but merely an address on the internet. Notwithstanding this, considerable damage, dilution and repercussions can follow as a consequence of the unauthorised registration of domain names by third parties which incorporate an individual or company’s Trade Mark.

FRKelly have established ourselves as pre-eminent in the field of domain name registration and provide speedy and cost-effective protection for our client’s domain names.

Please Note

This guide is intended as a very basic introduction to Trade Marks, and certain procedures surrounding them, and as such, it is no substitute for consulting with a qualified trade mark attorney.

If you have any further questions please contact us.


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