Many businesses are right to count intellectual property (IP) among their most valuable assets. At FRKelly, we understand that your creative output is inextricably linked to your business success. We can advise fully on patent, trade mark, design and copyright protection and licensing.


Whether you’ve made a technical invention, designed a product, or created a brand for your products or services, we can help you find the best way of protecting those ideas and assets. And while applying for intellectual property protection can be a daunting and complex process, at FRKelly we try to make it as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible by giving you specific and tailored advice within a bigger market context.


With our expert knowledge we can deliver practical and responsive answers and add real and significant value to our clients. As globally recognised patent and trade mark attorneys, we represent the European intellectual property interests of a number of “Top 50” US corporations, the worldwide intellectual property interests of many large Irish multi-national companies, we advise start-up organisations on their intellectual property protection needs and also consult individual business owners on how they can best protect their business. Large or small, we can guarantee that every client receives an attentive and responsive service.