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Patent Attorney Graduate Training Programme (Life Sciences Team) | Dublin

We’re developing our Life SciencesTeam, and you can be a part of it!

Working as a European Patent Attorney is a diverse and fulfilling role, but becoming a European Patent Attorney is widely regarded as one of the most demanding professional qualifications. Our European Patent Attorney Graduate Training Programme develops your skills as a specialist legal advisor and gives you the opportunity to work with a leading specialist in intellectual property law.

Join us in our Dublin Office if you are a science graduate (PhD or equivalent in (micro)biological, biomedical, biomolecular, (bio)chemical, or natural sciences; or related technical disciplines). We particularly encourage graduates with technical expertise in small-molecule or organic chemistry to talk to us.

About us:

The technical competence of our Life Sciences Team ranges from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to medical devices and healthcare – and we represent a range of inventors from Irish start-ups, academic institutions, and international corporations – offering a varied work experience. We provide an open-door policy to give access to all professional levels, and we nurture a friendly atmosphere to contribute to a supportive working environment. As an inclusive workplace, we are invested in empowering, valuing, and celebrating the diversity of our highly-motivated candidates.

About the Graduate Training Programme:

The Graduate Training Programme involves a 3-5 year training programme, based on a combination of in-house tutoring with individually-assigned mentors and external training courses, and is directed to successfully completing the professional examinations to be a European Patent Attorney. You will have occasion to work both on your own and in a group, combining theory with hands-on practice. As part of our commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive workspace, we offer a flexible working environment to provide you with clear opportunities to progress by completing certain professional milestones.

About you:

You’ll get to use the technical training from your academic career with the legal training that you receive on the job to provide practical strategic advice – thus a pragmatic approach to problem solving is useful. In preparing and filing patent applications, you will require an analytical and organisational perspective and a keen attention to detail. With access to clients ranging from inventors to business directors, we’d love to hear from a candidate with proactive interpersonal skills, the ability to confidently and clearly communicate complex information, and an active approach to business development. A highly motivated and self-starting attitude to working as an individual must also be combined with the ability to interact and develop strong working relationships with colleagues. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work.

Application to the Graduate Training Programme:

If you are a science graduate looking to be part of the development of our Life Sciences Team, please contact Jane Rice, HR Officer, by email (