What Is a Patent?

One of the most effective ways of sustaining competitive advantage and creating differentiation is by pioneering new technical advances, developing inventive processes or exploiting innovation.

A patent is used to protect these advances by excluding potential competitors from using your innovation for a fixed period of time. For most industries, patents are the only practical means of securing enforceable long-term protection. They give owners an exclusive right to prevent others from manufacturing, selling or using the technology covered by the patents.

At FRKelly, our experienced patent agents can advise on whether your innovation is suitable for patent application. They will guide you through the entire process to achieve the optimum level of protection and help you to develop the patent specification. We have a broad range of technical expertise which means that whatever your area of technology, we’ll provide perceptive and informed advice in a way you’ll understand.

If you need patent protection in other countries, we can handle all the stages for you, using our network of qualified patent attorney associates throughout the world.

For more information, download our Inventor’s Guidebook here.